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Styles: Casual Trendy, Chic,  Vacation-Beachy

Categories: Budget Fashion, Italian Fashion, Swimwear, Hosiery, Jeans, Leggings


Price Ranges:  $($6 – $65)


Sizes Offered: XS to XL, 3 to 12






About them: Affordable Stylish Italian Swimwear, Leggings, Pants, and Hosiery. Not only do they set themselves apart in styling but their quality is excellent as well.


Products: SWIMWEAR, BEACHWEAR, HOSIERY (Stockings, Pantyhose, Socks), LEGGINGS, JEANS


Shows User Reviews:  No


Free Shipping in the U.S.:  Yes on orders over $50


Ships International: Yes


Featured in Magazines: Yes


Celebrities Wear it: Yes


Description:  Calzedonia is an Italian firm. They have very fancy and sophisticated boutiques across Europe and in the U.S. Their designs are classy and trendy at the same time The quality of fabrication and materials are very high and their prices are very good for the level of quality and design of the product. You definitely need to try their products, we believe you will love them.



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