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Categories: Designer Bags & Wallets, Designer Eyewear, Designer Jewelry, Designer Shoes, Designer Sneakers, French Designers, Top 100 Designer Bags, Top 100 Designers Worldwide


Price Ranges:  $$$$ ($60 – $2550)


Sizes Offered:  34 to 43 EU and for shoes 5 to 11 US





About them: Chloe is a luxury fashion firm from Paris, France, founded in 1952. The firm and its designs are known worldwide for their distinctive unconventional style, a combination of artsy, sometimes bohemian, sometimes artisan looking pieces. Their pieces are coveted by the rich and famous, commonly worn by celebrities. They are priced in the high end and are one of the top names in high-end fashion. They sell Handbags, Shoes, Clothing, Sunglasses, Fragrances and other accessories.


Products: SHOES ( Flats, Ballerinas, Heels, Pumps, Sandals, Loafers, Slippers, Espadrilles, Mules, Wedges, Boots, Booties ), SNEAKERS, BAGS (  Handbags, Shoulder Bags, Baskets, Saddle Bags, Totes, Coin Purses), CLOTHING (Tops and Blouses, Dresses, Pants, Skirts and Shorts, Coats and Jackets, Knitwear),  ACCESSORIES ( Small Leather Goods, Jewelry, Sunglasses, Hats and Gloves)


Shows User Reviews: No


Free Shipping in the U.S.: Yes (Express)


Ships International: Yes


Featured in Magazines: Yes


Celebrities Wear it: Yes. Very popular among A-List celebrities and the rich.


Description: Chloe is a French fashion firm founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952. The name came from her friend Chloe who she used to dress. Big names like Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld started their careers designing for Chloe. Gaby Aghion is the inventor of the concept of “Ready-to-wear” fashion, which means a person can purchase the pieces right from the rack.
Chloe is a very popular name among rich and famous people and over the decades they have created some very iconic bags, shoes, and apparel, some of them are classics today.
They are one of the top names in luxury fashion and as such their prices are very high.



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