South Beach Diet
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About them: Based on the method created by the Cardiologist Arthur Agatston M.D. where the meals are lower in carbs (carbohydrates) and higher in protein and healthy fats than a typical eating plan. 

 The Silver plan starts at $9.59  per day, the Gold at $10.88 per day and the Platinum at $11.87 per day


Type of Diet Program: Diet meals fully cooked, delivered.




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The South Beach Diet is a high-protein low-carb approach designed to transform your metabolism. 


The goal of the South Beach Diet is to change the overall balance of the foods you eat to promote weight loss and have a healthy lifestyle. The South Beach Diet guides you to have a healthy way of eating whether you want to lose weight or not (in other words, it can be both for losing weight or just to eat healthy and right).


They claim their proven approach will help you to lose weight fast and it will teach you to keep your new lower weight.


The diet will have a wide variety of wholesome foods, like lean proteins, heart-healthy “good” fats, and nutrient-rich veggies.


Unlike other low-carb approaches, the South Beach Diet distinguishes between heart-healthy, unsaturated, “good” fats, like olive oil, avocado and nuts, and unhealthy “bad” fats.


They have different easy-to-follow plans to fit your needs, their plans will include guidance and tools to help you succeed.

Among their plans, they have a Diabetes plan as well.


The meals will come fully prepared and shipping is free.


The Silver plan starts at $9.59  per day, the Gold at $10.88 and the Platinum at $11.87 per day
(they offer introductory discounts)